Grain Bags VS. Grain Bins

Grain bags provide superior compaction and uniform filling with no loss or damage to the grain. Virtually all grains can be bagged including soybeans, corn, and wheat.

Grain BAGS

Grain BINS

  • LOW fuel charges
  • NO STORAGE FEES & bags can be moved to different locations
  • 1 PERSON can run a bagger
  • COST: Approx. 7ยข a bushel
  • Bags can be probed to see moisture level at any time in a completely airtight environment
  • You can RECYCLE bags when done
  • Fuel charge for hauling back and forth to grain bin
  • Storage fees for storing grain at the elevator. Fixed location.
  • Property taxes on grain bins
  • COST: Approx. $2 a bushel for fans.
  • Air storage can go bad more quickly
  • You don’t get back the fuel and energy used from hauling back and forth to the grain bin

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