Mega Mixer by Danuser

Save time and backbreaking labor on the farm or at the jobsite with the Danuser Mega Mixer. This auger bucket, or material handling bucket, is capable of mixing, scooping and dispensing a wide variety of material including – bags of concrete, mixing and dispensing feed rations, concrete, rock, sand, top soil, and asphalt.

The robust 8″ diameter steel auger coupled directly to a heavy-duty, low-seed, high-torque motor is capable of dispensing 3/4 yard of material in 26 seconds and can handle rock up to 1″ in diameter.

Mega Mixer Features

  • 3/4 yard hopper with optional hopper extension up to 1 cubic yard
  • Built-In cutting edges allowing the mixer to scoop piles
  • Dual safety grates with integrated bag busters
  • Adjustable mounting brackets and pallet fork tine slots on both sides
  • 2′ multi-link chutes that store on bucket
  • Lockable discharge end limits spills and allows for faster mixing
  • Easy to read yardage markers
  • Mounting options for skid steer quick attach, telehandler, and pallet forks

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Maximize Contact With HLA’s Edge Flex Technology

HLA’s EdgeFlex takes a ground up approach to clearing snow. The segmented cutting edge provides the necessary adaptability to maintain consistent contact over uneven surfaces, common with aging infrastructure.

With maximum contact the mouldboard transfers its weight evenly across the cutting edge. The even distribution of force protects the surface from the potential damage of conventional blades when they scrape over high spots.

Plowing with an EdgeFlex is easy; just lay the blade down and run. While you worry about blade placement and controlling the direction of the flowing snow, HLA’s EdgeFlex technology works its way across the surface, adapting to the contours for cleaner results.

Each individual section moves independently to provide quick response to the changing surface. EdgeFlex sections tilt up to 5 degrees in either direction and has a vertical lift up to 1.5″ to ensure contact when moving over uneven terrain.

This remarkably simplified design is comprised of only two moving parts, an AR400 cutting edge and rubber suspension block.

Designed for easy field service, each section of cutting edge uses 2B2N maintenance. This simple 2 Bolt – 2 Nut design makes maintaining each 12” section an easy one person job. Removing the hardware, which holds the retaining plate in place, allows for easy access to the individual components for that section.

Designed for harsh conditions the EdgeFlex is backed by HLA Snow’s 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

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Grain Bags VS. Grain Bins

Grain bags provide superior compaction and uniform filling with no loss or damage to the grain. Virtually all grains can be bagged including soybeans, corn, and wheat.

Grain BAGS

Grain BINS

  • LOW fuel charges
  • NO STORAGE FEES & bags can be moved to different locations
  • 1 PERSON can run a bagger
  • COST: Approx. 7¢ a bushel
  • Bags can be probed to see moisture level at any time in a completely airtight environment
  • You can RECYCLE bags when done
  • Fuel charge for hauling back and forth to grain bin
  • Storage fees for storing grain at the elevator. Fixed location.
  • Property taxes on grain bins
  • COST: Approx. $2 a bushel for fans.
  • Air storage can go bad more quickly
  • You don’t get back the fuel and energy used from hauling back and forth to the grain bin

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