Bale Spear 101: Choosing The Correct Bale Spear

Think A Bale Spear Is “One Size Fits All” – Think Again

With the advent of high density round balers and the increased popularity of silage bales, operators have been experiencing increased challenges in handling these heavy bales. The right bale spear makes all the difference.

One challenge is being able to fully embed the longer 49″ Conus II bale spear into these hard tightly packed round bales. While these work very well with soft core bales they present a challenge in the harder, denser bales.

Secondly, the long spear used on a large heavy bale results in fatiguing the long spear rendering it susceptible to breakage near the base. This is especially true when penetration is limited, leaving the bale hanging further from the tine base.

In these cases HLA recommends a double bale spear with 39″ Conus II tines (top guard is strongly recommended when using a tractor loader). This will allow for sufficient penetration and cause less stress at the tine base.

Check out what HLA has to offer on their Products Page.