HLA Bale Knife

With the increasing demand for high nutrient silage, wrapped bales have found a place in many farms. Feeding silage bales require removing both plastic film and net wrap. Removing these coverings can cause bales to fall apart and make for clumsy handling of nutrient rich feed. Designed specifically for feeding round bales, the HLA Bale Knife rolls a lot of functionality into a single unit saving time and effort.

To prevent the wrap and netting from falling into the feeder or mixer, the grabber holding the wrap and net wrap securely, as the bale is sliced with the powerful serrated blade and drops free. The grabber is automatically engaged when the knife is activated through a single hydraulic auxiliary ensuring you have a tight grip before you finish slicing. The upward slicing design allows for bales to be sliced not only into feeders and mixers but also a mere 6” above the ground, making it ideal for operation in tight areas with little overhead space.

Grabber: Located at the top of the Bale Knife the grabber hydraulically holds onto the wrap and netting so when the knife slices upwards into the bale, the hay falls down and away, separating the wrap and netting from the feed.

Single Hydraulic Valve: Sharing a single hydraulic valve, both the grabber and cutting arm operate at the same time ensuring you have a tight grip on your bale before you start slicing.

Integrated Kvernland Tines: Equipped with Kvernland tines and a serrated blade, the Bale Knife is an all in one solution for bale handling. Use the tines to spear a bale, or scoop the bale onto the tines and hold it with the knife to safely move it across the yard.

Models available for 4’ – 6’ sized bales.