Program 2A1 – Tubeline Hay & Feeding

Vendor: Tubeline - Hay & Feeding includes all bale wrappers, accelerator, accumulator, all bale boss models, all bale feeders and technobale. Qualifying stock orders must be greater than $25,000 list. Pit Bull Dozer Blades and Nitro are not included in this program.

Program 12 – Strobel

VENDOR: Strobel - C&B is a factory rep for Strobel Mfg. Inc. Dealers must set account up and sign a sales agreement directly with Strobel Mfg. Inc.

PROGRAM 4 – Attachments

VENDORS: A&B Eagle, BMC Spreaders, Belltec, Brush Wolf, Continental Belton, Danuser, Del Morino, HLA, Ideal, Kodiak, Maybridge, MK Martin, PECO, Reist, Tufline, Wheatheart, Wifo - Qualifying quantities ordered on program 4, 4A & 4B maybe combined to increase discount thresholds for all products included. Mix and Match included vendors to reach discount quantity levels.

Program 5 – Wagons & Trailer

VENDORS: Horst Wagons/Header Carts, JBM Trailers & Bale Racks, Horst/JBM Rack Packs, MK Martin Gravity Boxes & Grain Carts