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Nitro 525RS Spreader: From Rent to Own

Nitro 525RS

Why We Purchased Our Tubeline Nitro 525RS Spreader We raise heifers at our farm, and for several years, we have rented a spreader to haul our bedded pack manure. Over the past several years our operation has grown to over 300 head of cattle and in turn, so has our manure generation. Our rental bill … Read more "Nitro 525RS Spreader: From Rent to Own"

Mitchell Shellenberger
Mount Joy, PA

Why We Love Our McHale Fusion 3 Plus


TOTALLY AVOIDS NET WRAP The 100% plastic wrap on the McHale Fusion 3 Plus is awesome when feeding. When we cut the plastic wrap, all of the plastic comes off in one piece. No net wrap to mess with. This will be especially nice in the winter when net wrap would normally freeze to the … Read more "Why We Love Our McHale Fusion 3 Plus"

McHale Customer
Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Teagle 8500: Loudoun County’s Best Barn Has Best Equipment

Teagle 8500 Bale Processor

Nestled in the hills of Loudoun County, Virginia some 54 miles from the Nation’s capital reside Wendy and Don Denman. The farm is home to the “Best Barn” in Loudoun County according to Michael Gast, their local veterinarian, and it seems fitting that the owner also invested in the best machine to bed the barn … Read more "Teagle 8500: Loudoun County’s Best Barn Has Best Equipment"

Wendy & Don Denman
Loudoun County, Virginia