Why We Love Our McHale Fusion 3 Plus


The 100% plastic wrap on the McHale Fusion 3 Plus is awesome when feeding. When we cut the plastic wrap, all of the plastic comes off in one piece. No net wrap to mess with. This will be especially nice in the winter when net wrap would normally freeze to the bale and be a pain to remove.

We have baleage experience with other brands of balers and there is no comparison. The McHale bale holds its shape better than others, plus we seem to get roughly 20% more hay in the McHale bale.

Fast windrow-to-100%-sealed-time
With the McHale Fusion 3 Plus, one minute the hay is on the windrow and literally one minute later, it is already sealed in plastic. This method excludes oxygen faster than any other harvesting method available today.

Auto greaser for all major bearings every time the bale gate opens
This one is a winner hands down. That is why if you look at used McHale balers, it’s not unusual to find balers with over 50,000 bales put through with original bearings.

High Capacity
This spring, our merger fellow put 65 feet of oats into one windrow. He thought we were planning to chop. The huge rows of wet forage were a challenge but we got them baled. I don’t know of any other baler that would have been able to bale those chopper sized rows!