Nitro 525RS Spreader: From Rent to Own

Nitro 525RS

Why We Purchased Our Tubeline Nitro 525RS Spreader

We raise heifers at our farm, and for several years, we have rented a spreader to haul our bedded pack manure. Over the past several years our operation has grown to over 300 head of cattle and in turn, so has our manure generation. Our rental bill was growing to the point where we thought it might make sense for us to look at getting our own spreader. This would allow us to use that money to build our own assets and give us more flexibility and control on when we haul and make sure there was a spreader available when we had an opportunity to export some manure. So we started looking into what spreader would be a good fit for us.

Vertical beaters were a must for us. With farming all no-til, it is very important to us that we have a nice fine spread pattern. Primarily we rented a hydro push spreader which we had become very used to. We were used to waiting for the manure to start coming out the back and managing an inconsistent volume of manure moving out the back of the spreader (slow then fast as you get to the more compressed areas). We had an opportunity to use a neighbors spreader which had a hydraulic drive floor, and we really liked this feature. It seemed to give much more control and a more even spread. So we added this to the list of features we were looking for. Wide flotation tires were needed to keep our soil compaction at a minimum and we wanted a loaded capacity of around 500 cu ft. We were also looking for a well-built spreader that we felt would be a good long-term investment.

We were primarily looking at the Kuhn PS150. This was the spreader that our neighbor had bought. We also had looked at a couple other brands. Then we saw the Tubleline Nitro spreaders at Messicks. As we started looking into these spreaders, we felt like the Nitro pro series spreaders were a bit out of our price range, and we felt like we did not need such a commercial spreader for our operation. Then we saw the Nitro RS series. This seemed to be the ideal fit for us. Comparing it with the Kuhn, it had heavier floor chains, more box capacity, wider flotation tires, and what we felt was a sturdier construction. Also, the price was right in line with the Kuhn if not a bit better. We liked the flexibility of the sliding tailgate, and the tapered sides seemed like it would make loading with our skid loaders easier.

It took a couple of weeks to get the Nitro 525RS spreaders in at Messicks, but the week that it came in, we brought it out to the farm for a demo. A rep from Messicks and from Cummings and Bricker came out to answer my questions and give me the rundown on all the features of the spreader. After the demo, we were sold. The deal was finalized in the next couple days, and the spreader never went back to Messicks.

We used the Nitro for the tail end of the spreading after our winter crops came off, and we are looking forward to putting it to use this fall after we take off the corn.

Mitchell Shellenberger
Shellmar Acres LLC – Mt. Joy, PA