Silage Packing Made Easy

Silage Packer

The most common method for packing a silage bunk or trench is to run a heavy tractor across the surface as it is being filled. While this can be effective, tractor manufacturers and tire manufacturers focus their design on reducing compaction- a benefit for field work but a major disadvantage when it comes to packing effectively.

30″ steel wheels and large capacity weight boxes makes the Weaverline Silage Packer an efficient and effective packing alternative. Farmers using the silage packer are pleased with the increase in silage they are able to put away and have experienced less spoilage.

“We went over a haylage bunk that we would have considered packed the year before and the Weaverline was able to compress it another 8-10 inches.”Neal Caverly of Calverly Farms, LLC Clinton, Maine
With a Weaverline silage packer you get a more dense bunk, less spoilage and no bottleneck of trucks waiting at the bunk! What’s not to like about that?