Plan Ahead To Wing It With The HLA Snow Wing Series

SnowWing Image

Clearing snow throws many challenges at you. Now you’ll be ready for them.

The SnowWing design allows you to change from a traditional box blade to a straight blade, with the added bonus of up to 6 feet of extra clearing width.

But it doesn’t stop there: the endplates are hydraulically-controlled and equipped with industry-proven rotary actuators, giving you rugged and limitless control within the massive 180 degree rotation. This means you can use your blade on an angle with one end open and the other parallel to the direction you are driving. This allows you to get closer to buildings and parking stones with less chance of damage and better clearing results. With the endplates in their full open position, the blade can be used as a reverse box blade allowing you to back drag snow for full clearing even in the tightest of spaces.

The SnowWing is innovative and versatile with the same tough durability you expect from HLA. Multiple models available.

Machine Features

Patented Hydraulic Rotary Actuators – These rugged units come from the construction industry and deliver 38,700 lbs of torque to hold the wing in place.

Patented Front Tire Protector – end plates are automatically rotated away from the tires

180 Degree Rotation – Infinitely and independently adjustable, wings are rugged enough to stay put and give you control of any situation.

Floating End Plate Edges – follows the surface contour for confident snow clearing.

Crossover Relief Valve – provides protection against hidden obstacles by redirecting hydraulic pressure, swinging the blade around hazards.

Maximum clearing width 5′ – 6′ wider than main mould board width