LIFETIME Warranty On Nitro Spreader Apron Chains

Nitro Apron Chain Warranty

Tubeline Manufacturing LTD is offering a limited LIFETIME non-transferable chain warranty to the original purchaser of a Nitro spreader. This warranty applies to chain link breakage and covers parts only.

The brute strength of the Nitro’s apron chain system sets it apart. Truly heavy-duty, the chain and sprocket are designed to move heavy manure day after day without chain breaks.
The variable speed apron chain ensures that your load is delivered to the beaters at the right speed regardless of the manure consistency. This provides accurate control when metering, application speed, and thickness.

The Nitro is equipped with a fully reversible apron drive. This allows the load to be backed away from the beater assembly should foreign objects such as rocks get in between the beaters and jam them.

Apron Chains No Other Manufacturer Can Match

“I was particularly sold on the gate feature that gives you the ability to meter any material to any rate and the heavy construction of the apron chain which no other manufacturer has.”Ron Kandel of Hyland Acres Jerseys, Holmes County, Ohio