Introducing Film on Film Technology With The McHale Fusion 3 Plus

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Traditionally when silage or haylage is made twine or net wrap is applied to the bale to keep the bale together and then plastic is applied to seal the bale allowing fermentation to take place. Over the years McHale has developed a system to apply plastic directly to the bale in the bale chamber, thus eliminating the need to use net wrap or twine to keep the bale together as it passes from the baler to the bale wrapper.

The McHale Fusion 3 Plus Film on Film Technology not only improves silage quality it eliminates the need to separate the plastic from the net wrap for recycling. The advantages of this process go far beyond silage quality and wrap recycling.
Film on Film Advantages

  1. The plastic is added instead of the netwrap to the barrel of the bale and holds the bale together during the bale transfer. Once the bale is transferred to the wrapper the plastic used to hold the bale together, forms part of the wrapping layers and adds value as there is more plastic applied to the largest surface of the bale than with traditional methods.
  2. When plastic is applied to the barrel of the bale it can be stretched to approximately 20%. This stretch ratio is higher than what can be achieved with net wrap or twine and, as a result, the material is kept tighter which ultimately results in better bale shape.
  3. As the plastic is being stretched and applied to the barrel of the bale it expels more air than net wrap would and results in better silage quality.
  4. As plastic is used to both bind the bale in the bale chamber and to wrap the bale, there will only be one form of waste. This reduces the time needed to feed the bale and eliminates the need to separate the twine or net wrap from the plastic before recycling.

Patented Technology
When designing the McHale Fusion 3 Plus system, McHale realized that changes in temperature and sunlight could affect the chamber wrapping film. As the day gets hotter or cooler the film was either being overstretched or under stretched, and this in turn would cause reliability problems and result in inefficient film use.

As a result McHale developed a patented application system which adjusts the breaking force on the roll of plastic in-line with working conditions and allows for a continuously variable stretch which can adjust to changes in the day automatically without the operator having to adjust any settings.

The McHale patent film on film application system ensures consistent film stretch, reliable film application and delivers optimum bale shape and bale density. The system also reduces or eliminates the chances of film breaking due to overstretch on a hot day.

McHale Fusion 3 Plus – iTouch Control Unit
The McHale Fusion 3 Plus is a fully automatic machine which is controlled by an iTouch Control Unit. The “iTouch System” has a 7 inch touch screen color monitor, which allows for increased levels of monitoring, through its graphic color display. The iTouch System also includes a number of physical buttons on the side of the screen which can also control the machine functions.

The iTouch monitor also features a camera to monitor wrapper operation. The camera can work in two ways:

          1. At any point in the cycle the operator can switch to camera mode to monitor the wrapper and rear of the machine.
          2. In automatic mode the camera will automatically come on the screen at a number of pre-determined points such as when the bale tip is pressed, when the bale transfer takes place and when the first layer of plastic is being applied to the bale by the vertical wrapping ring.

Net wrap can still be used if required

The McHale Fusion 3 Plus can revert back to the traditional method of using netwrap and the switchover process is very simple. If the operator is doing hay or straw the switch back to net wrap is simple and user-friendly.

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