McHale Integrated Baler/Wrappers

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Manufactured in Ireland, the McHale range of integrated baler/wrappers, balers, and wrappers are extremely rugged and reliable. Built and designed as a high output solution for today’s farmer and contractor. Operation of any McHale machine is kept simple and user-friendly.


Fusion Plus Baler/Wrapper

The Fusion 3 Plus integrated baler wrapper is fitted with two dispensers, which take approximately 20 seconds to apply 4 layers of film and 30 seconds to apply six layers of film using both dispensers.

The Fusion3 Integrated Baler Wrapper is not simply a wrapper coupled onto a baler; it has been specifically designed as a high output integrated baler wrapper. The Fusion 3 Integrated Baler Wrapper is also unique in that it has a patented bale transfer. This results in keeping the Fusion 3 short, and improving the machine’s performance and output over a day’s work. Producing 50-60 wrapped bales an hour the single pass patented McHale bale transfer, increases productivity and reduces operation costs while increasing profits.

Fusion3 Plus offers the same options as the Fusion 3 with plastic bale binding (film on film technology) instead of net wrap.

Fusion Vario is the same a the Fusion 3 Plus with the addition of a variable chamber baler.



McHale V660 Variable Chamber Baler

The V660 variable chamber round baler features a three belt variable bale chamber with double drive and a drop floor unblocking system. Built for high output, the V660 offers the ultimate in performance, reliability and operator comfort.

The F5000 range of fixed chamber balers have better intake capabilities, better chopping options, smoother drop floor operation, superior controls and higher density bales. Features like progressive greasing and oiling and the drop floor unblocking system when combined with high specification components, ensures long life, reliability and a machine that is rugged enough to handle the toughest of crops and ground conditions.


McHale 991 Wrapper

McHale Balewrappers have a ground supported bale damper which gently lowers the bale to the ground while eliminating stress to the chassis.

The McHale 991 Range sets the pace for efficient and effective round bale wrapping. Practical design, quality components, and precision engineering make the 991 Range the first choice for contractors and farmers who want a high quality and consistent performance in all types of conditions and terrain. Packed with practical and reliable features the 991 Range is designed with the efficient operator in mind. Look for the hydraulically operated cut and tie system, the efficient dispenser, which maximizes film usage and its patented ground supported damper system and you will see why you will look to the 991 Range for your choice. Like all McHale Balewrappers, the high output 991 Range will give you a tightly wrapped bale that contains all the natural juices for increased nutritional value while improving environmental protection.

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