Halverson Skid Steer Wood Processors – Economical & Easy to Use

Cutting and splitting firewood should not be this easy: Introducing an Innovative Skid Steer Powered Firewood Processor

Halverson HWP-130 and HWP-140 Firewood Processors were designed by a logger for the logging and firewood industry, to be used on the ever popular and versatile skid steer loader.

The HWP is the brainchild of Glenn Halverson, who owned and operated a logging and farming operation. His goal was to develop a wood processing system that was economical, easy to use and dependable. A decade of field testing and improving the design has evolved this machine into the innovative solution you see today.

The HWP makes firewood processing a one person, one machine task.

With the HWP you are able to:

  • Process up to 2 full cords (6 face cords) per hour with a 40 to 60HP skid steer loader without leaving the cab of the loader.
  • Process logs up to 10’ long, up to 16” in diameter; longer logs can be cut in half with the HWP, then processed.
  • Saw up to 22” long pieces
  • Split 2 or 4 ways standard, optional 6-way wedge.
  • Deposit split wood into a truck bed, trailer or onto a woodpile.

Potential users:

  • Tree Services
  • Firewood operations
  • Farmers
  • Outdoor furnace owners
  • Loggers
  • Rental yards
  • Homeowners
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