APV Harrows/Seeders

Grass, Pasture & Forage Rehabilitation/Management

The extensive overuse and abuse of our pastures, hayfields and forage stands deplete the quality of the forage produced. By stimulating growth and reseeding to generate new growth, APV Harrows/Seeders help capture critical soil elements that provide thicker, more nutritious food base.

Available APV Harrows/Seeders

APVHarrow-SeederPS Series Pneumatic Seeders for seeding cover crops, grasses and forage. Seeder hopper capacities range from 8.5 – 45.4 bushels and can be mounted on a producers existing implements or utilized with our MT2 3-pt implement carrier. Includes the PS 300, PS 500, PS 800, PS 1200 and PS 1600 air seeders/pneumatic seeders.

ES & ZS Precision Broadcast Spreaders are great for seeding, granular nutrient applications and accurate spreading of slug pellets. Includes the ES 100 Classic and ZS 200 Twin-Disc broadcast spreaders.

GK Series & GP Series Tined Harrows with rollers will level, dethatch, weed, aerate, and seed while ensuring seed to soil contact, all in one pass, at up to twice the speed of a no-till drill. They increase pasture and grazing production using less seed by utilizing the full soil surface area and improved germination. Includes the GK 250, GK 300, GP 300 and GP 600 harrows with rollers and seeders.

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